Substance Abuse and Food Addiction

Abuse of drugs, alcohol, and food often arises out of an attempt to self-medicate some of the previously discussed conditions, particularly anxiety and depression. While someone with a severe drug or alcohol addiction should see a substance abuse specialist and may even require hospitalization for detox, many people can have better control over their substance use by gaining an understanding of what underlies the urges and impulses to use drugs, alcohol, or food and what thoughts or feelings are being avoided by self-medicating.

As the underlying anxiety or depression are treated, often the need to use drugs or alcohol or to overeat diminishes greatly.

Depression | Anxiety | Panic Disorder | Social Anxiety Disorder
Postpartum Depression | Bipolar Disorder | Stress | Trauma
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) | Adjustment Disorder
Substance Abuse and Food Addiction | PTSD
Borderline Personality Disorder | Other Personality Disorders

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